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The 23rd Rangers

Welcome, I'm Lieutenant Colonel Frank Gentry

» The Rangers are Special Ops
The Starfleet Rangers are a part of Starfleet Command Special Operations Division, located within the former US Military facility at Cheyenne Mountain. The Rangers are made up of small groups of men and woman who form units of teams. Each unit is highly trained, and could be rapidly deployed to wherever they are needed.

Each member of the unit specializes in specific skills, allowing the team as a whole to engage in a variety of conventional, and unconventional special operations and missions.

Essential to the Rangers mission is the fact that they can be rapidly deployed from anywhere, to anywhere. This allows the Rangers to provide real time intelligence back to the fleet commanders that allows them virtually unlimited options in the face of fast paced crises across the Galaxy.

» Rangers In The Beginning
Shortly after the creation of the Federation in 2161, Starfleet realized there was a need for there to be something to conduct operations that could only be handled by small teams, and would strictly be off the books. While Starfleet Security was adequate at the time to maintain order within the ranks of Starfleet, and while on board the ships of the fleet, and the Marines were capable of fighting off intruders, and in large assaults, there was nothing that could fill the role that they needed. It was decided that in the tradition of the old military establishments, that they would create special operations teams, called Rangers.

The Rangers were originally created to “range” out ahead of the front line vessels to provide intelligence data back to the fleet. From this position, not only could they provide early warning against possible attacks, but they could also help eliminate targets that could possibly cause great damage to Starfleet ships. They were also used to cover the rear as the starships moved on. In offensive ground operations, they were reconnaissance scouts and guides, locating targets for the marines to take care of when they arrived.

» The Dominion War
It was during the Dominion War that the Rangers really shined in a matter of speaking. While before this time the Rangers were used mostly in there traditional roles, as scouts, they were used at times to conduct special operations deep within enemy territory, to eliminate specific targets. During the Dominion War this type of operations increased. Because the Dominion was far more advanced military wise then some of there previous encounters, Starfleet started to do more jump in, take out the target, and jump out sort of missions.

» Post Dominion War
After the Dominion War, the Alpha, and Beta, Quadrant powers turned to rebuilding from the damage that they had sustained during the fighting. Because of this, Starfleet returned to there policy of scientific exploration. There wartime ship building, ceased, and was replaced with the building of scientific vessels. With this policy, came the belief that there was no longer a need for the wartime spending in other areas as well, such as Special units. Even though the Rangers had proved themselves time and time again, even before the Dominion War, it was determined since there was no current threat to the Federation, that there numbers would be reduced until there was a need again, if it ever was one. Units were disbanded, and as the philosophy of Starfleet changed, individual members of the remaining units started to be reassigned to different areas.

But new threats have arisen within the Galaxy, and it is up to the Rangers to once again help Starfleet end those threats to the Federation.

The 23rd Rangers, known as Striker, is one such unit...

Striker is a proud member of
Task Force 93
and Bravo Fleet.

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